JOY (Joy Over You) in Your Emotions

JOY (Joy Over You) in Your Emotions

An E-course by Micah Joy Williams


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Are you feeling limited by your emotions? Have you wished that you knew what to do with your emotions? Do you feel like emotions are unreliable and fickle? This 4 video course looks at the design God has for emotions, especially by considering how Jesus handled emotions. After completing this course you will have more confidence in what to do with emotions and sustained joy in your life. Are you ready?

Micah says, “As I’m working on my thesis for my Mdiv, I am looking at how the church has treated emotions historically, and what we see in scripture about the structure of a person. Part of what can be difficult is when we overly focus on what is rational or on what is of our spirit, and ignore emotions or what is termed as ‘soulish.’ This can lead to compartmentalizing or fragmentation of our being and keep us from walking in wholeness. I believe that this is one of the pitfalls to living a hyper-confessional life, preaching at our emotions, rather than presenting them to the Father and being matured through His loving discipline.”

NOTE: this course is still being developed more and will include notes in the future.


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