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How to Encounter God
Joy Over You

How to Encounter God

E-course on drawing close to God

This is a 12-week self-paced course where you will learn with Ben and Micah Williams from Scripture, early Church forerunners, and people alive today such as:

Stacey Campbell
Doug Addison
Joan Hunter
Dano McCollam
Bonnie Jones
Jamie Galloway
Katie Luse
and more!


You will be closer to God after taking this course.


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JOY (Joy Over You) in Your Emotions

Are you feeling limited by your emotions? Have you wished that you knew what to do with your emotions? Do you feel like emotions are unreliable and fickle? This 4 video course looks at the design God has for emotions, especially by considering how Jesus handled emotions. After completing this course you will have more confidence in what to do with emotions and sustained joy in your life. Are you ready?


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