Evangelism Intensive

E-Course on Evangelism

We believe that God is empowering the local church to reach their community in a powerful way. This e-course will help the novice and the experienced. It includes video teachings, easy to read assignments and outreach helps and suggestions anyone can do. Ben draws from his experience of leading thousands of people to Christ as well as experience training in churches around the world and in Dr. Randy Clark’s ministry school, Global School of Supernatural Ministry to bring to you the 8 week Evangelism Intensive.


Jane said: “I just did lesson 2 – WOW! What an awesome teaching. I took so many notes my hand is aching!  I plan to recommend your course to a book study I am involved in. I so appreciate how you give examples of how to approach someone and how to phrase what to say. You don’t just say, “Your assignment is to do ____.”  But you demonstrate how you speak to strangers. I am memorizing some of your phrases so that I can approach someone and not search for words. They will already be a part of me and hopefully sound natural because I have practiced them at home until I am comfortable with them. This course is perfect for shy people.”


Two options:

  1. Self-Guided E-course: Done on your own time and at your own pace.
  2. Church consultant: Done in direct relationship with Ben Williams with a group from your church. It has the option of an 8 week intensive or of a longer relaxed version of the e-course.


Things covered in this course include:


~Easy to do outreaches that are as simple as a childhood game!
~Activating Introverts in Evangelism
~How to approach people in natural and meaningful ways
~How to pray for people in public and see miracles happen
~Creative power evangelism approaches
~Ideas for fun and easy group outreaches
~How to give someone an encouraging word which could lead them to Jesus
~Essentials of what to share with someone
~Much More!


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