How to Reach People God’s way!

This new book is available in paperback and as a Kindle version.

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Also, check out our other materials below like our new believer Basics in 21 Days, Christ the Wonderful Counselor and our E-Course page.

The Basics in 21 Days

Have you been looking for something that will help you or someone else get a solid beginning in following Jesus? The Basics in 21 Day was written with people in mind who have never been to a church service.

Who will benefit from The Basics In 21 Days?

  • The person who just gave their life to Jesus Christ
  • The pastor looking for “Kingdom-minded” follow-up material
  • The evangelist wanted to help his converts go to the next level
  • The new believer, small group leader or mentor
  • The believer who has never felt grounded in the basics of Christianity
  • Anyone who wants something to hand to people they lead to Christ in the market place

Ben is a proven evangelist with a heart for the lost. This new book is recommended as a foundation-building tool by Dr. Randy Clark of Global Awakening and J. Lee Grady of Charisma Magazine.

It is being used all over the world by a variety of church denominations and in many ways. Some churches give them to new believers. Others use it in new believer classes or connect someone as a mentor with a new believer. Some have used it during Lent and others turn them into Sunday School or home group classes.

It can be purchased in a paperback or as an ebook. CLICK HERE to order.

I Belong to You Album

I Belong to You is the debut album of singer/songwriter Micah Joy Williams. It invites you in to her 10 year journey of constancy and depth beyond life’s circumstances. You will be captured by her truth-filled, poignant lyrics that coincide with memorable melodies and tasteful production.

It can be purchased as an album or by individual songs on iTunes. CLICK HERE to order.

Christ the Wonderful Counselor

Jesus is called the Wonderful Counselor. How did He take 12 rough, needy men and in 3 1/2 years leave the destiny of Christianity over to their capable hands? This guide will look at the intentional actions that Christ took while He was on Earth to reveal the goodness of the Father, the impact of Holy Spirit and how we can live the abundant life through all that He accomplished. You will be transformed and equipped to bring transformation to others through this book.

CLICK HERE to order and for more information.

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