Evangelism Intensive

Evangelism Intensive

Cost: $69 ($35 LIMITED TIME)

Course Format: Self-guided

Access Length: 1 year

This 8 week course will train and equip you to rob hell in your city!


Each week, you will be given a set of videos, along with written materials in the form of PDFs. Once purchased, weeks 1-8 will be available immediately. The intended pace is 8 weeks, but feel free to work through it at your own pace.


Purchasing Instructions

1. Click on the button below to sign up. You will be directed to PayPal for payment.

2. After checking out on PayPal you will be redirected back to the site but will need to login and finalize creating your user account.

3. Check your email for both a receipt and instructions for setting your user password.

4. After setting your password, you will be directed to your profile page. Either scroll to the bottom to see your courses, or refresh this page and you will see the course material!

5. Rob Hell!