About Us

Benjamin, with his wife Micah Joy, is the founder of Life Ministries International a ministry concerned with reaching the whole person and reaching the whole world. LMI is about experiencing life in Christ. He also works for Global Awakening in Dr. Randy Clark’s school, Global School of Supernatural Ministry. He has been a church planter, lead pastor, staff pastor and a full time itinerant. Ben and Micah have authored a book for new believers entitled, The Basics in 21 Days. He has a passion for people to become who they were created to be through Christ. The fruit of his passion is he has led over 3,000 people to Christ and has seen thousands healed of various problems. Perhaps more importantly, Ben has trained multiple hundreds of people in power evangelism from all over the world. He applies his value for education to his passion for encounters with God utilizing a background of two ministry schools (Master’s Commission and Global School of Supernatural Ministry), a bachelor’s degree (North Central University) and is pursuing a MDiv with Global Theological Seminary. He currently lives in Harrisburg, PA with his wife and two young daughters. To find out more go to www.releasinglife.org.

Micah Joy Williams is a passionate person with a diverse skill set. Her dad prayed with her to give her life to Christ when she was 4 years old. She began playing the piano at 5 years old and that started her love for worship and song writing. Micah earned a B.A. in Church Music from North Central University. She has been on staff as a Creative Arts Pastor. Micah was also the Onsite Administrator for Dr. Randy Clark’s ministry school, Global School of Supernatural Ministry. She is a powerful worship leader and teacher. Micah wrote the four levels for inner healing course of Christian Healing Certification Program. She has led worship in a variety of venues to thousands of people including with Steve Swanson at Voice of the Apostles and Julie Myer and JoAnne McFatter. Her skilled teaching gift has gotten her invited to teach on dream interpretation, inner healing, and identity in many places including Voice of the Apostles. Micah has been a staff pastor, itinerant minister and a church planter with her husband, Benjamin. Her passion is for people to encounter God, for people to be whole and free.


“I met Ben Williams when he came to our Global School of Supernatural Ministry as a student.  He stood out for his passion for street evangelism. He was hired on staff in 2010. He has been our administrator for the Global School Online, the Satellite Schools, and the Global Summer Intensive.  Ben is a powerful speaker, passionate for God, with a heart for evangelism and follow up. He has written a great book on follow up and assimilation. He carries the heart of Global Awakening, and represents the values of my ministry. He, as I, believes in the power of impartation. I highly recommend Ben to your ministry.”
Dr. Randy Clark
Overseer of Global Awakening


Life Ministries International is concerned with Reaching the Whole Person and Reaching the Whole World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus came to bring wholeness to all people that will receive Him. This is what sozo means (the word translated “save, salvation, healed, delivered, made whole” in the New Testament). LMI brings this truth in impactful, loving ministry. Below is a list that unpacks some of the things LMI ministers on but please note that many of these are packaged together and can be ministered on in a weekend event.

What does LMI do?
Ministring through music, teaching, preaching, activation, prophecy, healing, impartation, and prayer in a variety of setting such as conferences, camp meetings, open air meetings, weekend church services, and ministry schools.

How LMI reaches the whole person:
~Ministering on “how Jesus did inner healing.”
~Restoring our God-given identity.
~Equipping people to believe truth.
~Prophetic Ministry that brings alignment to God’s perspective.
~Equipping people to live victorious over sin.
~Helping people have a genuine relationship with the Holy Spirit.

How LMI reaches the whole world:
~Training on effective evangelism (missional thinking, healing and prophecy in public, how to witness).
~Impartation for gifts of the Holy Spirit.
~Inspiring perspective related to the Great Commission and the Invisible Realm (especially good for “left brain analytical scientific type thinkers”). Many have said, “God has never been so real to me as He is after hearing this.”
~Ministering on the New Covenant and Victorious Eschatology with its implications for our assignment in reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.
~International evangelistic crusades and partnering with churches to equip the locals.
~Discipleship materials. CLICK HERE for one book. More on the way!
~REACH Meetings. These are evangelistic meetings in inner cities and college towns. Many are being save through these!
~SPARK MeetingsCLICK HERE For those churches wanting clarity on revival and are hungry for a move of God’s Spirit.